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The history of FilmDistribution International (FDI) was established in 2011. Today, it is one of the leading distribution film distribution companies in Azerbaijan.
Film distribution and promotion of films is the main, but not the only line of activity of FilmDistribution International.


From 2011 to 2016 the company "FilmDistributionInternational" becomes the only representative of the products of the largest Hollywood studio XX Century FOX CIS in the territory of Azerbaijan.In the same period, we added to our releases the products of the largest studios: Disney, Sony Pictures Releasing, Central Partnership, Paramount Pictures. The company cooperates with independent studios. 

An integral part of the distribution package FilmDistributionInternational are films of national production. We actively help national filmmakers to win the love of the local audience. The first Azerbaijani box office blockbuster in 2014 was the comedy of Azerbaijani director Orhan Mherdan "Hohan". This film proved that native films can be commercially successful and gave impetus to the growth of national film production. For many years the company has produced several hundred box-office pictures.

Here are just a few examples of successful rental:

  • «PlanetParniBakuFilms»: «Ağanatig», «Wedding circle”(“Bəxt üzüyü”),  
  • “Nahoh” by producer Orkhan Mardan, 
  •  «The boy’s house 1 (“Oğlan evi 1”)», “The boy’s house2” (“Oğlan evi 2”)
  • all films of the television channel Khazar TV: “Why?” (“Niyə?”), “Ag tük” «Qızqaçırma»,
  • «Selfinaz» stand up by Farda Amin,
  • «RecebIvedik 5» by cinema company “AFMEDIA”. 

The company continues to produce Azerbaijani films. Since the spring of 2017 the company "FDI" has been renting all the films of “KHAZAR TV”, one of the largest local TV channels.

Company FDI has been cooperating with the European Union for organizing festivals for many years.

  • Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival LOGO
  • European Film Festival, EuroVillageLOGO
  • on special demonstrations by the embassies of more than 20 countries: Russia, Turkey, Austria, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, and many, many others.

Since the summer of 2017, FDI has been cooperating with the British Council on the projects Exhibition on screen (film-exhibitions on the screen) and Theater HD (theater productions on the screen).
Film Distribution International is open to all festivals.

Working hours:
Monday-Friday 10:00-19:00

M.Houssein street, 1 А, Flame Towers complex, IMAX
Phone:(+99455) 203-61-03